Simsara is a luxury lifestyle brand for a modern woman inspired by travel culture and nature.  The brand reveals unique and feminine pieces and scents which women of every age will grow to love.

Modern and sexy, with exotic Indian-inspired embellishments, our stylish pieces are perfect for women who love high-end fashion and travel. Soft, flowy fabrics, playful prints, flattering silhouettes, and bold colors come together to transport you to a sultry life in the tropics.

The Simsara woman lives by the mantra: “Life is beautiful, dress like it, feel like it.”

Our exotic expressions are produced in India, where the developers of the line work closely with a cadre of gifted craftsmen and textile experts to develop exclusive colors, fabrics and embellishment. They are particularly devoted to India’s ancient processes for textiles – the hand embroidery and crochet – and these artisan techniques are incorporated into contemporary designs.

With exclusive hand embroidered caftans, the brand’s apparel line are designed to embody Simsara as truly the exotic expression that exists in every woman’s soul.