Simsara is a luxury lifestyle brand crafted for the modern woman. We draw our inspiration from women who immerse themselves in travel, culture and nature through every fabric, fold and tassel.

Simsara’s collections feature exotic and modern pieces that offer each woman a wardrobe classic to return to again and again.

St. Maarten/St. Martin, the Dutch-French Caribbean island, where the story of Simsara was first weaved, plays prominently in each creation. Our clothing and accessories capture the essence of island life whilst translating well across time zones, and from sandals to high-heels.

“Simsara is not a choice. Simsara is a thought, a moment … and that’s wardrobe magic!”

Add the Simsara effect to your wardrobe through our hand embroidered kaftans made from fabrics specially selected to communicate the message of pure luxury and cool composure. Our pieces are made with care by the skillful fingers of artisans whose pride translate into every hook and knot.

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