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  • Hawaii Beach Tote



    Canvas and Jute Tote Beach Bag    

    • Ship Rope Strap Handles

    • Hand Threadwork

    • Floral Embroidered

    • Natural Canvas and Cotton Lining

    • Single Inner Zipper Pocket

    • Magnetic Clasp Buttons

    Fall into paradise with our beach tote. With its floral embroidered pattern and hand threaded design, carrying your island dreams was never this easy.


  • Tahiti Beach Wristlet



    Embroidered Wristlet Beach Bag

    • Hand Threadwork
    • Wooly Pom Pom Trim
    • Silver Leather Handle/Trim
    • Cotton Lining 
    • All Natural Canvas Sackcloth 
    Carry your memories home from paradise in this hand-threaded, cotton lined beach bag wristlet…


  • Fiji Beach Bag Tote


    Item# AB2685

    Gold Jute Tote and Beach Bag      

    • Orange and Turquoise Rope Straps
    • Orange Pom Pom Trim
    • Jute Natural Fiber
    • Orange Cotton Lining
    • Single magnetic clasp closure
    • Single zipper pocket
    What happens in paradise stays in paradise? Not with this beach tote. Colorful enough to remind you of heaven, and large enough to pack all your beach mementos.


  • Bali Beach Tote


    Item# AB2744

    Gold Jute Tote and Beach Bag

    • Yellow Double Strap Handles and Piping Trim
    • Multi Color Pom Pom Accessory
    • Cotton Lining
    • Zipper Closure
    • Single Zipper Inner Pocket
    • Natural Jute Fiber
    Bring the warmth of the island sun to you everyday with this beach bag tote. Carry your memories every time you use it.


  • Seychelles Beach Clutch



    Jute Wristlet and Clutch.

    • Available in Gold and Silver
    • Gold/Orange Trim
    • Silver/Yellow Trim
    • Multi Pom Pom Accessory
    • Cotton Lining
    • Natural Jute Fiber
    Snazzy enough for lunch on the beach and classy enough for dinner at Emilio’s in St.Maarten.


  • Nantucket Beach Bag


    Item# AB4220

    Nautical Stripe Canvas Tote and Beach Bag

    • Antique style nautical imprint
    • Ship rope handles
    • Magnetic button clasp
    • Single pocket zipper
    • Cotton lining
    Mix nautical and old world charm with this beach tote. 



    Nautical Canvas Tote.

    • Inner Cotton Lining
    • Zipper Closure
    • Single Inner Pocket with Zipper
    • Ship Rope Loop Handle Support
    • Two Outer Pockets


    Carry your beach essentials in this handy sea themed tote. Ship rope lends authenticity to the design and two outer pockets are large enough for your treasures from paradise

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